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Shutters are stylish and versatile option, as they come in a range of colours and can be made to fit any size window or door. Vintage to contemporary these shutters bring an instant shot of laid back style into your home.

What shutters do we offer?

LJE Blinds are pleased to offer the Sandringham range of shutters, which are available in different wood types. You can choose from six shutter styles and over 100 different painted or stained finishes and colours.

This range of shutters is perfect for those awkward or unusual shaped windows as these can be made so they perfectly sit almost any window from arched to circular or even triangular!


The shutters come in a number of different ranges, from the classic which is great for affordability these are durable and tough to the Vienna that are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens as they are made from ABS which is completely waterproof.

All of which come in various colours and styles.


Made from polymer coasted MDF, these are affordable, durable and tough. Ideal for windows in kids bedrooms and patio doors where they may take knocks and bumps.

Colours = 5 Shades of white


Suited to most rooms especially kitchens. These are made from a mixture of MDF panels, ABS louvers and MDF frames.


Colours = 18 differemt painted colours


The completely waterproof shutter made from ABS, these are well suited for kitchens, bathrooms and areas where there is high traffic. They are made from the same material as used to make crash helmets and kettles so they are a lot stronger than the normal PVC shutters.

Colours = 6 different painted colours


MDF frames with hardwood panels. Great for most windows and doors throughout the home or office. clean and simple design.

Colours = Avalible in 5 shades of white.


The Sandringham shutters we offer come in a number of different styles, All of which come in various colours and styles. These are from the Solid style shutter which totally covers the window and great for insulating, to the Shaped shutters that are bespoke panels made to fit those unusual shaped windows.



Two sets of panels that are set one on top of the other to enable individual opening and closing.

These are great for bedrooms, bathrooms and dining rooms. They are versatile and give great light and privacy control. These are not always suitable for all windows as can look too much if installed on all windows.

Full height

These are the most popular of shutters as they are single panels that cover the whole window. They often have a divider so you can move the slats at the top and bottom to control the amount of light that is let in.

Brilliant for insulation and privacy, they can be adapted to fit any window or door within the home.


Unlike the traditional shutters that are installed with frames and hinges, they are installed on slide tracks so they concertina back. These give easy access through bi-folding or patio doors, they also can be folded right back to open the view from the doors.

Unfortunately, these are not suitable for windows with sills.

Shaped shutters

Perfect for those unusual shaped windows as these are bespoke panels that can be made to fit most awkward shaped windows.

Great alternative to curtains or blinds as they give and clean and interesting look.

Cafe Style

Shutters that only cover part of the window. these let in more light and give that Continental type feel to the room. They are more of a decorative type shutter as they are less insulating than the other type of shutters.


Solid wood panels which cover the whole window and frame. Great for insulation and give a cozy feel.

Great for bedrooms and draughty period buildings. They are less flexible as some of the other styles that are offered and only give an open or closed option.

Commercial Maintenance Contracts

LJE Blinds can offer professional cleaning and maintenance contracts for commercial business in the Worthing and Sussex areas. We already have a number of commercial contracts with some of Worthings letting agencies. Get in contact for more details!

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